Digital Printing

We have equipped our print division with HEWLETT PACKARD HP Indigo digital presses: the 7500 and 5000 models. Since its installation, we have done a number of printing jobs  ranging from short-run colour work to data-intensive one-to-one marketing; always with an excellent and respectable quality. The HP Indigo 7500 digital press is unique in the marketplace because of its quality and versatile and highly adaptable features. With its use of liquid inks and an offset blanket to transfer ink to paper, the Indigo 7500 is capable of producing prints of extremely high quality closer in appearance to conventional offset lithography compared to any other digital press. Our Digital Printing division is ably supported by integrated direct marketing service, where we make every effort possible to increase the effectiveness of you marketing communication. The range of customization supported by our data printing technology coupled with accurate targeting of your marketing communication to an individual or a group, provide you with an invaluable connection to your recipients like nothing else..