1. Aim at providing high quality RFID products to our global clients.
  2. Over 10 years’ experience in electronic packaging & reliability tests.
  3. World Class RFID laboratory.
  4. Just won the RED HERRING GLOBAL TOP 100 WINNER award


  1. DAAPP is committed to providing high quality RFID products to our global clients.
  2. Design & manufacture a wide range of RFID Inlay and Tag products to target at different applications.
  3. Continue to invest in the development of new technologies and creative products.
  4. Own a number of US and European patents and won many international awards.
  5. Provide custom-designed, ODM & OEM services (highly flexible).

Core Business – 3 Business Units

  • RFID Label & Tag
    1. Partnered Brand design
    2. Alien, Imping authorized labels
  • Die Prod
    1. Reader ICs
    2. Low Power Reader Module
  • RFID System Integration
    1. Library
    2. Smart Warehouse
    3. Stock Management

    Certifications & Qualifications

    1. RFID center, HKUST is an advanced RFID research lab in Asia Pacific.
    2. HKUST is a member of The Global RF Lab Alliance

    DAAPP provides a wide range of in-house RFID Inlay products as well as authorized products by Alien and Impinj.

    1. UHF Inlay
    2. HF Inlay
    3. NFC Inlay

    RFID Capacity
    INLAY & Stray Production Lines

    1. 2 Muhlbauer TAL 15000 flip chip bonding production lines
    2. 1 Muhlbauer FCM 10000 flip chip bonding production line
    3. 2 Datacon 8800 flip chip bonding production line
    4. 1 Muhlbauer TMA 15000 packing line
    5. 1 Muhlbauer ISL250 PACKAGE line
    6. 1 Muhlbaeur CL60000 lamination line