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Dominic Toretto drives the streets of Los Angeles as he possesses. As concerns for his team, he does not. He spends his days building race cars and high-performance perfecting the art computer-controlled fuel injection. At night Dom bags every time someone dares ground running in his rocket car $ 10,000. HOME lives adrenaline of streetcar racing and its fans treated him like a rock star. Brian seems mainly for Dominique and her need to be approved, but for the rest of the crowd he’s white bread. Tcm: Animal House 2016 After a violent encounter with ruthless Johnny Tran, Dom decides Brian under his wing. Kingdoms sister Mia sees something he wants Brian, too. The problem is that none of them realizes he an undercover policeman and Dominic and his rival, Johnny Tran and leading suspects in the case of money laundering and kidnapping big rig.


The Fast And The Furious 15Th
Date June 1, 2016

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