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UC Browser is very popular on mobile devices, and are now available for the Windows desktop as well. It looks very similar to Google Chrome, but has a few additional features and more personalizable.

Chrome browser with things ychwanegolUC joined the growing list of browser based on Chromium, which is similar to Google enforces time Chrome.Mae This means that the browser is unlikely that any problems that Web standards support as usual, where you also UC Browser is taken, you will see site is functioning the way they should. Similar results to the popular Chrome browser efficiency test, though in some cases, a little worse, but not for the hand, which, from a user perspective. UC Browser can also be set to view websites such as Internet Explorer, Chrome ofn.estyniadau also supported, and can be directly installed from the Chrome Web Store. It is compatible with most extensions in the store, but not all of the additional features of UC Browser UC ohonynt.Un free Wi-Fi, which turns your computer into a WiFi hotspot so you can connect to your phone and other devices section. Browser can also block online ads, using AdBlock list – is not enabled by default this feature.

If you do not like, it is newidMae other browsers specializes in personalization and UC Browser is no exception. This is to change the special keys for this, so you can quickly and easily the theme. Until now, there are many themes to choose from, but the ones provided are of high quality and appearance of the browser changed significantly. This contrasts with the theme of Google Chrome, which only offers subtle changes. List of background images are quite large, with hundreds of pictures categorized ohonynt.Gallwch pick the first choice of two screens, one similar to Opera’s Speed ​​Dial, and the other consisting of fine bubbles that can be personalized with your favorite websites.

Perfect if you are already using on a mobile symudolUC Chrome Browser is an interesting alternative that is easy to use, configure, and offers some additional doubt defnyddiol.Heb features, the overall experience was so great that we recommend Firefox or Chrome throw in the trash.
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UC Browser 5
Date June 3, 2016

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