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Yahoo! Messenger 11 allows you to talk to Yahoo! and friends on Facebook poruka.
DirectX End User Runtime Web Installer Download Torrent Da immediately via Yahoo! Messenger until today, Facebook chat is integrated in the latest version, along with social games such as Mafia Wars. Now you can use the video in full screen, a job that can connect to the mobile phone, at home or poslu.Možete, of course, improving the status of Facebook from your Yahoo! Messenger and Yahoo! What has not changed compared to the previous amount of bloat in the application.
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Some known video games (as shown in this video), radio stations, emoticons, Search Bar, and others. However, all this adds weight Yahoo! Messenger and feels unsophisticated today. The quality of video calls Yahoo Messenger is good, beautiful, however, and, in fact, if the application gets the crowd jammed, I would not recommend it! The amplifier has a Yahoo! Messenger is not a social revolution. If you want all the bells and whistles, you’ll love this app, but many people find it annoying and intrusive.


Yahoo! Messenger 11
Date May 21, 2016

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